May 2015

The sea shore promenade is one of the nicest places for a walk or a bicycle tour, especially during fall, winter (when it is not raining) and in the spring time, before it gets hot. The promenade starts near the Reading power station (not operating any more) at the northern end and in Old Jaffa Port at the southern end. You can choose the direction for your walk or ride according to the season and the time of the day, so that you enjoy the sun and are not bothered by it.

The promenade runs between the most western street of Tel Aviv and the sea shore, so that you can do it without crossing a street. The sandy beach which lies between the promenade and the sea is very inviting, and you can stop on your promenade and take a swim. The water during the winter is cool but not enough to deter devoted sea goers.

The first interesting stop in the tour is the “Old Tel Aviv Port, which does not serve as a port any more, but as a boutique shopping center with occasional performances in one of the halls. Like many event of the “heroic era” of Israel the founding of Tel Aviv Port is part of a poem and song (lyrics by Lea Goldberg)

Going south we have now the HaYarkon street, with most of the chain hotels, many of them known to the Israelis by their old name. One of the west-east streets that branch from the HaYarkon street is the Ben Gurion boulevard, where Ben Gurion lived and worked. When he was alive is was named the Keren Kayemet boulevard.

At the crossing we have the Atarim circle, designed by the famous architect Yaakov Rechter, son of another famous architect of the Bauhaus school, husband of Hanna Meron. a famous theater actress and father of Yoni Rechter, a composer of many popular songs