September 2011

I decided to bike along the Danube.

In a second my friend Leehy suggested that I take with me a couple of stents for the heart. If you get an infarct, the stents can save your life, she said, who knows if along the Danube there is a modern hospital with decent stents.  While packing her grandchildren into her car, my other friend, the lawyer Nili, told me to see a neurologist to make sure a screw is not missing in my head. Saying this she noted a few days in her diary, in case legal documents are needed to fly my coffin back from Austria .

With there warnings from my best friends I felt some apprehension. Why should I now, at my age, bike 250 km on the banks of the Danube from Linz to Vienna, I asked myself, fifty km a day for five subsequent days. It would not be a piece of cake for me, being over sixty and having ridden my second-rate bike  only on Saturdays, 18 km to Jaffa and back, with an occasional rest  on the sea-shore,  looking at the gorgeous Mediterranean..

But my heart and my head with the missing screw told me not to obey my good friends’ advices and go for it. In worst case I will happily croak on the banks of the Danube, dancing a delightful waltz , with a delicious strudel strudel in one hand and the other on my extremely handsome partner’s shoulder.