September 2011

While I hesitated my children told me : Do it! Talking about children, Yaron is 40 years old, Amir is 38.

To strengthen my spirit I went to the Tel Aviv cinemateque. A man with a small beard placed himself in a adjacent seat. Excuse me, I asked him in a blind shot, do you by chance ride on bicycles? Sure, he replied, last year I rode the route Passau-Vienna, this year I plan to ride from Vienna to Budapest. The two of us met the day after for a beer and I learnt that his name was Doron. He brought with him maps and routes and when talking about riding he meant riding in the plane. I realized that I was in it for good. No friend will deter me now.

We were happily drinking beer. Doron told me about the picturesque villages that he passed and apricot liqueurs that he drank in local boutique wineries. about the wonderful beer and swimming at night in the Danube. All the way home I kept thinking whom will I ride with?

I sat next to my computer and as usually I started to put adds. I looked at night at the computer, nobody wrote, nobody dropped a line. I visited few shops for weapons and tear gas, in case I will have to compromise and ride alone. And then I received an email from Zvi from the Lower Galilee, a grandfather like me. The suggested dates are fine, he wroteת and the Danube excited him.

We found an Israeli travel agency and we asked for a deal: the flight, seven nights in picturesque hotels. a vehicle that will transfer our luggage from one hotel to another, breakfast and dinner, and above all a pair of good bicycles. They suggested to add another two couples of riders to make the deal less expensive. We met two couples in their fifties. I was afraid that I will lag behind these energetic youngsters, but then I thought, who cares if they ride 20 km per hour and I only 13, at least I don’t have to buy a weapon and tear gas. I took with me a sponge that I got from an upholsterer in Florentin street, to serve as a buffer between the hard bicycle seat and my small and bony bottom.