September 2011 – Only I and the landscape

We landed in Bratislava and a driver with a car took us to Lunz. In the hotel we received our bicycles and a three-course dinner. The room was clean and with a nice smell, with no air condition.In Austria the weather is nice even in August.

The bicycle was light, the sponge did the job and I can tell you, taking full responsibility for my word: if there is heaven on earth it’s name is riding along the Danube. It was exactly as I dreamed it to be: on the left only the shimmering of the river, and on both my side a green forest around the trail, which is only for bicycle riders. A slight wind in the trees, sounds of my ride and of the other riders who pass bypass me, a straight road and an amazing landscape.

Along the route apple, bear, and plum trees, wines and berry shrubs. At night red wine and apricot liqueur. Who needs more?

I was the weak link in the chain, all the other bypasses me, which gave me a big advantage: nobody was babbling around. Occasionally I was riding besides Italian young couples with baskets behind and babies within the baskets, couples with children on small bicycles behind, a father with his son on a tandem bicycle. Old Spanish speaking couples with white hair, 80 years old Hungarians and also 40 years old Croatians, all looked as happy as little children who received chocolate bars. I was humming to myself Elvis Presley’s “What a wonderful life“.