September 2011

Our trip was organized by Medraft Nature and Adventure and the cost was around 1,400 euro. It included the flights, transfer from Bratislava to Lunz and from Vienna to Bratislava, 7 half-pension nights, maps and bicycles that we returned at the end of our trip. Our first day took us from Lunz to Enns, about 45km. In all the villages that we saw dreamlike houses, taken directly from fairy tales, and flowers of every color in the windows of. The weather was fabulous and there was a plenty of water, I was very envious.

On our way we saw churches and castles, but I did not pay attention to them, in Europe there are larger and more beautiful churches and castles. Not everywhere you can ride, enjoy the landscape, and see no cars and feel no pollution. All our hotels were located in small picturesque villages with stands for the bicycles. I am sure that if we left the bicycles in the middle of the street we would find them next morning in the same place.

The next day, on our way to Grein, we stopped at a small and cool lake and jumped in for a swimming. The water was clean and cool. I want the trip to go on forever. We crossed the Danube in a boat and visited the local wineries Then we took the train to Vienna, we got off at the Franz Josef station and on our way to the hotel we got lost, why not?  We met an Orthodox Jew who showed us the direction of the hotel. Another 5km and we were there.

Vienna is an ideal city for riding/ It has nice bicycle trails and good signs. I am fed up with spending most my time in the large cities underground. It was a pleasure to be in the open air and enjoy beautiful Vienna.

Next year I will do it again, this time from Vienna to Budapest. I hope I find a partner to join me.